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Amityville, NY, 11701

 Welcome To the Site of Bethesda Junior Academy

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Welcome to the website of the Bethesda Junior Academy. We are happy that you stopped by to visit our school
on-line. Here at Bethesda Junior Academy, our children enjoy and we boast of a safe, friendly, loving, and engaging environment where each child is important and catered to as an individual. Children are free to walk in their hallway
at school without being bullied by anyone. Each child is allowed to be himself, adding to the beautiful tapestry of individuality which is created.

Your child is our child and we invite you to browse our site carefully. Read what we say and ponder quietly and carefully and see that what we offer is exactly what your child needs-a small, safe, Christ-like environment where
he/she is prepared to become citizens of two worlds.

Our school is a part of the Seventh-day Adventist sisterhood of schools; a trusted name in education; serving children and their families for decades. Bethesda Junior Academy is located on 76 Parkway Avenue, Amityville, N.Y.

We do look forward to serving you as you make the right choice of a school for your child. Remember, your child is
like an empty slate, be sure that you are in agreement with what is written on him/her.

Looking for the right school! Then choose Bethesda Junior Academy and watch your child Engage in meaningful
learning, Transform into an upstanding individual, then Emerge to take his place in his/her world.

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